vAvatar - Editing

You must contact me in order to gain access to edit maps. This is only to prevent abuse. Anyone who asks will be granted access. To make the request, send a p-note to turner / nova / cyber1. If nova's p-notes are full then you can try turner / gondolin / cyber1.

To edit maps: Click on the room that you want to edit and then click the "edit" button (which you'll find to the right hand side of the map). Once you're done editing you can regenerate the maps by clicking "Regenerate Maps". This may take as long as 30 seconds. Please do not click a second time or hit reload. When it's done generating it will return you to the map. You'll find that the revision number will have been incremented. You'll also find a summary of your changes on the changes page.

The site has been verified to work in Mozilla based browser (Mozilla, Firefox, etc), Internet Explorer and Safari.

Things to pay attention to: